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by anonymous
RUTX50 web gui is unstable after firmware update. Im only able to login for a few minutes/seconds then "access denied" and "session expired" appears.

When i try to login again, it says "Invalid username and/or password! Please try again."

The only way to access the router again is with CLI or do a restart.

This problem occors again shortly after restart.

firmware version. RUTX R

1 Answer

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by anonymous



The issue most likely stems from the configuration not being transferred correctly from the older firmware version and a factory reset might be the best option. If the issue still persists, I'd recommend performing a factory reset using the bootloader method, which will completely reflash the OS and should get rid of any instability.

Please also keep in mind, that logouts from the WebUI when the tab is left open but not interacted with is the intended behavior, but this should only happen after around 10 minutes of inactivity, and not while using the WebUI.


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by anonymous
The problem got solved after i disabled the traffic log