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RUT905 is an end of live device, has not been supported for a long time and has been superseded by other devices.

Unfortunately, I have no way to test it, thus a suggestion is to try it by yourself.

The device manual indicates that remote host/IP address only accepts IP addresses:


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Hello ZygimantasBliu,

Thanks for your reply. the router accepts the url name in first field (Remote IP/Host address) but not the (Remote network IP address) field , so I can only assume this will not work. Do the newer models support this ability? Picture attached.

by anonymous

Remote network IP address refers to the LAN network address, not a public IP, pointing to a remote host. This option should contain network addresses from ranges:

  • Class A: to
  • Class B: to
  • Class C: to

Please check the LAN IP address of the remote network you want to connect to.

Make sure they do not overlap, as this will cause routing issues.

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