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by anonymous
Is it possible to set 2x RUT240/241 to failover to each other? we have a remote location where we have 2 CCTV cameras that stream 24/7 unfortunately the maxium upstream bitrate per sim is around 3mbs so we need/want to send each camera through its own sim and Router.

However we want to set the 2 routers up so that if one connection fails for any reason then in emergency the stream on the failed connection switches to the alternate RUT240/241.

We are aware that we could use a RUTX12 but due to the fact that RMS will not report anything other than sim1 this has had to be eliminated from the equation.

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by anonymous


It is possible, however, I would like to ask how far physically separated are the devices, as each RUT will have to be configured to act as a secondary wireless WAN source to the other.

To proceed you need to configure both RUTs on different LAN subnets, for example one having, the other This can be set in Network -> Interfaces -> General -> [lan settings].

Next, configure each RUT as a wireless client to the other. Follow instructions in this video.

Lastly, enable failover for mobile and wireless interfaces in Network -> Failover page on both devices.

Now each RUT should treat the other as its failover source.

Alternatively, both devices could have LAN to WAN port connection, but due to RUT240/241 having two ethernet ports only, additional switches would have to be introduced.

Best regards,

by anonymous
Thankyou for your help. The 2 RUTs will be adjacent to each other. I would prefer Lan to Wan via a switch but I am not sure of the actual cabling layout required.
by anonymous

The idea with switches would be following:

However, topology with one switch can be attempted. As previously, both RUT devices would have to be within different subnets. By connecting one RUT's LAN port to another RUT's WAN port, one RUT now has two active WANs, mobile and wired. Then connect both cameras and RUT's LAN port to the switch.

What needs to be done now, is to enable load balancing from the WebUI Network -> Failover page, with ratios set to 1 for both interfaces. This should distribute traffic evenly between both WAN interfaces. However, this setup should be tested, whether both cameras traffic will not be forwarded through a single SIM, as load balancing work is on connections rather that bandwidth, meaning that one connection will be handled by one WAN interface.

Best regards,