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by anonymous
Hello together

RUTX14 Newest Firmware on the Box.

LTE RTUX14 with D-Link Switch 3420( DHCP Server on the Switch) and a Unifi Controller on a PI.

The Problem is i connect a RUTX14 on a D-Link Switch the RUTX14 have a separate DHCP -

Rutx14 =


i put some Routes into the Router and into the Switch and a DHCP with some vlan interfaces,, and more.

I Install a Unifi Controller on a Pi i connect in Port 18 with VLAN 1130. The Ap in Port 20 with VLAN 1300. THE PI and Controller an AP get the IP into the Network but when i conntect into the WLAN my Client get no IP.

The Senario work with a Fritzbox but don´t work with the RUTX14. And i don´t see my fail.

 Thx for Help

Greeting Joe

1 Answer

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by anonymous

So the AP (access point) is connected to port 20 with VLAN 1300 and gets the correct IP. The other devices connected to the switch also get the IP. The issue is when the clients connect to the AP, then they do not get the IP. Is that correct? The AP obtains the IP address and uses Switch -> RUT as a gateway. If I understood your question correctly, the clients connecting to AP should be on a different network. If so, is DHCP enabled on the AP? What are the configurations on the AP? Would it be possible for you to get a TCP dump from the AP to see the flow of DHCP requests?

Kind Regards,