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by anonymous
Hello All, Can the RTU955 act as a wireless client and AP at the same time?  (using SMA 1 connector for CLI and SMA 2 for AP). On the webui i do not see any area where you can flag the WIFI interface to CLIENT mode, however in the features listed, it does say the RTU955 can act as a client. (yes the webui is in Advanced mode)  Does Teletonika offer any cell routers which allow both CLI and AP concurrently if this RTU955 does not?

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by anonymous


Thank you for contacting Teltonika Networks crowd support.

RUT955 can be used as both the client and access point at the same time.

Check this video for instructions, on how to configure Teltonika device as a wireless client:

Otherwise, below are the instructions.

To set it as a client, go to Networks >Wireless, scan for available access points, choose the preferred access point, enter the password and name the wireless interface. 

The device should connect to the access point as a client. Please check this wiki article for more details

Should you have any challenge in implementing the solution, do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,




by anonymous
Does this apply to the RUT 240 as well?
My experience is that it may connect as a client to an AP, but will then not act as an AP to connected devices at the same time. The result is that one cannot access both IPs on the "AP-network" and IPs on the "client-network" at the same time.

I have huge issues getting this to work but have started looking for other brands. The beauty of RUT240 is that it has LTE built-in, good antennas and a flawless AP for connecting devices to it. But if one also has other IoTs that are AP that you need to connect to, it cannot be routed via the Teltonika.

Also, think the status page in the admin UI is inadequate. Devices I know are connected (I set the IP and can ping it) are not shown on the page. So in theory you might have devices connected to your RUT AP that you are unaware of since the GUI obviously doesn't show all connected devices.