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Dear teltonika / powerusers

Have a question about the initial setup.
Bought 2 devices and the behavier is the same.

Device: RUT850
Firmware is updated to:  RUT850_R_00.01.00

As soon as I change the default wifi name or define a password the connection to the device is no longer possible. This is when using the wizard!!!
A reset is needed to relogon.

I can set different ssid's up / different wpa/wpa2 settings / password everything works as excepted, 
but as soon as I change the default ssid name or wpa stuff or define a pass. the device is no more accessible via wifi.

It is really annoying. Or is it meant to have always an unprotected wifi active on the device?

Or maybe I do something wrong :)

I apprecitae every hint or comment..

A RUT850 user - Bruce

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This may seem a little obvious, but I have to ask: when you change the SSID and password, do you connect to the AP over again? i.e., Since the SSID is changed, your device is no longer connected to RUT850, so you have to scan, locate the new SSID and connect again.

Because I've tried it the way described and it worked correctly for me.
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