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by anonymous
Hi I have the IMEI of my RUT-955 but need the Serial and LAN-MAC to  establish RMS connection to restore VPN connectivity.
Can you send me the info ?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Please provide more details about your situation.

Do you have physical access to the device?

Are you able login to routers web interface or command line?

Best regards,
by anonymous
Hello, no the device is in a remote location. I can send SMS commands (but I don't get responsese due to sim switch operation). My plan is to add the device to RMS and then send monitoringon SMS to the device to enable RMS.
by anonymous

Does any of the SIMs have a public IP(I assume you have two, if SIM switch is used)?

What do you mean by "I don't get responsese due to sim switch operation"? Do SMS commands work?

Do you know specific VPN configuration settings you want to change? You could target them using uci commands.

What happened in the first place, why VPN went down? 

How do you know IMEI of the device, but not other details?

Could you send it in a private message?

Best regards,