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by anonymous
hi i was wondering if it is possible to use the usb port on the rutx11 as a remote usb port over network.. we have some equipment we access trough usb cable .

when the usb device is connected to a computer it is showed up as "Silicon Labs CP210X usb to uart bridge"

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by anonymous



Thank you for reaching out!

Unfortunately, this functionality is not supported in RutOS. However, I did find this article on the OpenWRT documentation, detailing how this could be done.

However, this will require compiling the firmware using our SDK, with the packages kmod-usb-ohci, usbip-server, and usbip-client. As this is not tested and not officially supported, I cannot guarantee that it will work, or if it will work at all, but if you manage to get it working, please share your experience. Thank you! 


Best regards,

by anonymous

Spoke to my colleague, and he recommended using VirtualHere software for this. Download the VirtualHere USB Server for Linux (ARM) file from here, upload it to the router using WinSCP, and place it in the /sbin folder (could be placed somewhere else on the router). Then run the command <file_location>/<file_name> -b. For example, for me, the full command would be /sbin/vhusbdarm -b. If the device will be accessed via it's WAN interface, make sure to configure a firewall rule. That is all configuration that is needed on the router side.

Then, client software can be downloaded from here. Once it is launched, it should appear in the system tray. If the router is in your local network, it will detect it and the devices connected to the USB hub automatically. If it is not, the public IP of the router (VPN tunnel should also work) can be added as well, and the process should also be seamless.

Please keep in mind, that only one client can connect, otherwise a license is needed.

Let me know if this helps!


Best regards,