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by anonymous


I read already asked questions and there was answered that I should send a troubleshoot log to you. Here you have my problem and please see attached file.

I have used RUT950 14 months. Now I have total 10 devices (RUT950). I updated the device Firmware (RUT9_R_00.07.03.2) at the first time in January 2023 and now all updated devices gives me the message: WAN (MOB1S1A1) IS DOWN, NO MORE BACKUPS TO SWITCH and 15 seconds later Switched to backup WAN (mob1s1a1)

I'm getting some messages also from my customers that there happens some Internet connections losses and once a whole device was somehow stuck and we had to reboot it manually on site (took the electric plug off).

Can you please help me what I could do for this problem. Please see attached troubleshoot log.


Aapo Hirvensalo

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by anonymous


The message is generated by mwan3 application, which is responsible for handling failover and load balancing functionalities. I would assume, that you have updated your firmware from a legacy version with Keep settings option enabled, as failover is enabled by default there. 

The best solution would be to reset your device to factory default settings, to mitigate effects of migration between firmwares, and reconfigure it.

Alternatively, if you are only using mobile, simply disable failover from the WebUI Network -> Failover page. 

Regarding the disconnects, individual troubleshot files have to be looked at for more specifics.

Also, I see no file attached. However, please do the above and generate a new one if the issue persists. Attach it by editing your question or send it in a private message.

Best regards,

by anonymous
Thank you. Now this is clear to me but I want to ask another question concerning firmware updates in the future.

I can make reset once on site but how should I do those updates next time? If I click 'Update firmware' from Remote Management System I assume that this can happen again? I don't want to go to tens of different sites and drive thousands of kilometers to do this even a once a year.

What is the right way to do this in the future or is it what you told the only ways?
by anonymous

The general suggestion is to avoid firmware update with keeping the settings, when there is more than three iterations gap between versions.

You should also be aware that updating between major releases (7.1 -> 7.2 -> 7.3), though possible, might result in some instabilities and incompatibilities due to the usually numerous changes, reworks and implementations of new features, which make it difficult to keep them compatible with previous versions.

Best regards,