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by anonymous

Hi all, 

This is not a technical question. It's more of an open discussion as I'm trying to find the best solution for a specific use my clients find themselves in. 

My clients are mostly French company working in France. we have 4 main ISP here and I mostly work with one of them which is FREE MOBILE (Iliad group).

My clients don't usually have a set working address and move around a lot. Sometime they stay a week, a month or just one day. What they need is a plug-and- play reliable internet connection for teams up to 20 people wherever they go. 99% of the teams are non-technical personnel that don't know what an IP is.

They use mail, voip, zoom meetings, download or upload a variety of small files. Not exactly power users but then again, I have the occasional big database user but it’s pretty rare.

I used to provide cheap solutions like huawei B533 with… Let’s say a varying level of success. 

So, to solve the "reliable" part of the equation, I bought 2 RUTX11 and 1 RUTX12 and provided them to some of my clients that are more keen to discussing the technical side of the solution I'm providing. I also provide Finsat antennas with passthrough windows cables.

The reasoning was that providing a router with 2 sims from two different providers, I'd half the chances of my client not getting any service when moving around.

I would provide one SIM with no data limit as main and a second one that is limited to around 200gigs/month just in case the first SIM/provider does not meet acceptable speed to support the team.

I’m wondering if I should go with an RUTX11 with failover rules or an RUTX12 with load balancing rules. One sim would be limited in data so I’d rather keep it for temporary situations.

For instance: The team has been working out of an office in Paris for 3 week with SIM1 working as intended. The team then moves to another location for 2 or 3 days but with SIM1 reception and /or service is too slow so the router automatically switches to SIM2 to try if it’s better. If it’s better the router keeps using SIM2 until it uses all the available data package and then switches back to SIM1.

I think RUTX11 cannot have both sims working at the same time so I guess RUTX12 is more suitable?

What I’m looking for is reliability for my client as well as reliability in my ability to reach the router using RMS to assist my clients when there is a problem and they are hundreds of kilometers away.   

I think I’m kinda answering my own question writing this but I’d love your input anyway.

Thanks for your time and help !

1 Answer

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by anonymous

As I went through your question, I got to know that you already know some features of our devices.

As you have stated that your clients will be moving from place to place there is no option of wired WAN.

Hence If you go for RUTX11 you can only set failover between SIM cards and if any available Wi-Fi networks. In this case ill only consider only SIM cards in which you cannot set load balancing between the SIM cards as you know that both the sim cards won't work at the same time.

If you go for RUTX12 you can set load balancing between the sim cards where both the SIM cards will be active at the same time. And there is no failover between the sim cards in RUTX12 as both the sim cards will be active the same time.

Hence, I could recommend you to go for RUTX12 for you client purpose.

Best Regards,

Akash R