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one of many RUT240s that we have installed used a high amount data in the last two days. It received 250MB (7.2.2023) and 60MB (9.2.2023) at around 4:00 in the night. I have no idea what kind of traffic could have caused this. Usually the router uses less than 10MB per day.

I looked into the troubleshoot file and found that last night the router lost connection in the time period the data was received. Can this lead to such a datausage?

I attached the troubleshoot file, the according time period is 4:31 to 4:36 on Feb 9.

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There are several disconnects, but they are very brief and should not be related to increased data consumption.

Active connections list do not indicate any unusual hosts other traffic RMS either.

If this becomes regular occurrence, for a more detailed connections and traffic data, you could install Darkstat package with the following SSH commands:

  • opkg update
  • opkg install darkstat
  • /etc/init.d/darkstat enable
  • /etc/init.d/darkstat start

Then open your browser and enter routers IP with added 667 port. For example:


Host section can provide quite detailed statistics on each IP address monitored by the application.

Alternatively, you can install TCPdump from Services -> Package manager and enable monitoring for mobile wwan0 (mob1s1a1_4) interface and download the file later from the same page.

Data here should provide sources of data consumption.

I also see that you have failover functionality enabled, yet the device has only mobile WAN available. Could you disable it in Network -> Failover page in the WebUI?

Best regards,