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by anonymous
I'm thinking of using this external case for the RUTX12 :

This would mean powering it through POE but I can't wrap my head around the exact need of the router. What I want, is just... well to power it. I don't need a fancy switch or anything else.

Would I be able to use a product like this :

I want is to be able to provide this setup to my client in a transport case.

- An RUTX12 already installed in it's external case with 2 SIMs
- An Ethernet passthrough window :
- A simple POE injector to power the whole thing.

The idea is to be plug-and-play as much as possible for non technical users.

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by anonymous


Please refer to the below link to know the specifications required to power up the RUTX12 using PoE supply:


Akash R

by anonymous
Thanks but the wiki really feels like the bare minimum for someone who is not specialized in such matters. I've bought this and it works just fine :

Maybe you could have a wiki section with sample products that works ?
by anonymous

Thanks for the suggestion. And glad that you got the injector. We cannot suggest any third-party accessories in our wiki page.

Thank you