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by anonymous

RUTX provide 4 connections: WAN, Sim 1, Sim 2 and WiFi.

Prior to failover from one connection into another, I need to know the IP address the world sees me, the ip provided by, for example, This is important for services such as AWS MediaLive and specifically for Input security groups. Thus, while Live Streaming through Media Live and active connection is changed, this must not affect AWS.

Any ideas how can I have this information?

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Let's start with what RUTX device model do you have?

If it is any other device than RUTX12, it is not possible to know your secondary SIM IP prior to failover, unless you have a static public IP, because majority of RUTX devices have a single modem, meaning, that it can only establish connection to a single operator at any instance. Without disconnecting from one provider and connecting to the other, it is not possible to know the address, which will be assigned to the interface.

Other IPs can be found in the WebUI, Network -> Interfaces page.  

However, if you have private IPs assigned to any of the interfaces, and you specifically need to know the public IP address the world sees you, the following SSH commands can be used:

  • curl --interface <interface_name>

Replace <interface_name> with a specific interface. A list of interfaces with their names can be found with the following command:

  • ifconfig

Best regards,

by anonymous

Thank you for your time.

Device model is RUTX12.

"ifconfig" interface names does not match /network/interfaces/general names as they appear on web interface.

  • ifconfig: wwan1, wwan0, wlan1-1, wlan1, wlan0-1, wlan0, lo, eth1, eth0
  • web interface: wan, wan6, mob1s1a1, mob2s1a1, PSPhone5G5GHz

How could I know the related pairs?

> ...if you have private IPs assigned to any of the interfaces...

I do not care about static/dynamic ips, the main request in this thread is the crucial issue for me.

Regards, Panagiotis.

by anonymous

The curl command will work with ifconfig output names:

  • wwan1 - mobile interface
  • wwan0 - mobile interface
  • wlan1-1 - 5GHz wireless access point interface
  • wlan1 - 5GHz wireless client interface
  • wlan0-1 - 2.4GHz wireless access point interface
  • wlan0 - 2.4GHz wireless client interface
  • lo - local host
  • eth1 - wired WAN interface
  • eth0 - LAN interface

Basically the first two are of interest for you.

Best regards,

by anonymous
@ZygimantasBliu, thanks again for your time, I really appreciate it.
by anonymous


Curl command provide ip for eth1wwan0 and wwan1 interfaces:

  • curl --interface eth1
  • curl --interface wwan0
  • curl --interface wwan1

When trying it for the wireless client interface, I get the message:

curl --interface wlan0
curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 80 after 3101 ms: Error

wlan0 and wwan1 interfaces are listed in ifconfig output.
I also tried any other interface reported by ifconfig getting same result.

Do you have any idea?


by anonymous


wlan0 is a wireless LAN interface not facing the internet.

As for wwan1, do you have failover or load balancing enabled with mobile interfaces active? 

Best regards,