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by anonymous

Hello. I want to create VLANs on a RUT240 with the latest FW 07.03.3. I was following this thread but I don't have the possibility to assign the newly created interface to the (any) VLAN. In the dropdown list I can select between br-lan, eth0 and eth1 only. Or I could enter a custom value. Is this the way how to assign the int to the VLAN? 
Many thanks

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Have you tried to enter a --Custom-- interface name eth0.X? Replace X with your tag value

For more details, please check this thread.

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by anonymous

Hi and sorry for my late reply. I went sick... 

I have configured it like you suggested. As soon as I assign VLAN 10 on my switch the PC does lose the connection, no IP address via FDHCP and not even maual IP is working. Not sure if my switch config is wrong. My Intel network card does NOT offer (under device manager) to set a VLAN ID, so I have to test it with my switch.

On switch port 1 I have my RUT attached and on port 9 my PC. 


by anonymous

I found my issue. The root cause of my second issue was a misconfig of the VLAN on the switch. But without your hint I wouldn't have gotten this far. Thanks again! yes