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by anonymous
I have setup dynamic DNS with as DNS provider.

Running 2 instances in the dynamic DNS menu, one for SIM1 and SIM2 respectively.

Changing the SIM card from slot 1 to slot 2 (or slot 2 to slot 1) reports the new public IP address from the network provider to dyndns correctly. Access to the router from extern works fine.

But in the dynamic DNS->Overview menu of the router you see still the previous, old public IP address. During the SIM card change you see Status:stopping and then Status: Running on both instances, but the old public IP address appears. Even a reboot does not show the new public IP address. After a while (minutes) the new public IP address is shown correctly. If you do not know this strange behaviour, it is very confusing during setup.

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by anonymous


Can you confirm that other than IP address display discrepancy, DDNS service works properly?

Regarding the address display, the way update script works is that it checks registered IP associated with the hostname. I assume that this is the IP value that gets put into the IP field in the Dynamic DNS Overview page.

Then, the script detects the IP assigned to the interface and sends it to the DDNS service provider to update its DNS record. 

The next time the script queries for the public IP record, received value matches actual assigned IP and it is inserted as IP in Dynamic DNS Overview page.

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by anonymous
DDNS works properly, the update to the DDNS service provider happens right away after the SIM card has registered in the network.

As I said, only the displayed IP address in the webGUI does the update after a while (minutes). Even after a reboot, the wrong IP address is still displayed.