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by anonymous

I'm using Teltonika RUT240 with latest firmware RutOS RUT2_R_00.07.03.

I would like to point out and ask for implementation in RutOS new small feature to clear existing IP DHCP binding for specific IP address, as the button in WebUI.
Most sense to me is place it in Status > Network > LAN, where you can see current lease table.

By clicking button called, let's say: "DELETE", "X" or "Clear Binding" next to IP address on the list, you could remove it's binding, so that device can one more time try to lease it from DHCP Server, as request.

See picture below how it may looks like.

Sometimes I know device is no longer present on LAN and I would like to manually remote it's lease binding and not to wait untill its entry timeout by itself.

I guess, you can probably clear ip dhcp binding by going to CLI/SSH and manually drop lease by some command (like by UCI and finding data stored in /tmp/dhcp.leases), but it would be nice to do this directly from GUI perspective, too.
Not sure if this is hard to implement.

Thank you in advance,

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by anonymous


Thank you for providing this suggestion.

I will forward it to the developers to consider implementing in the future.

At the moment, as you have assumed, it is possible to remove entries by SSH.

To achieve this, login to router via SSH and execute the following command:

  • vi /tmp/dhcp.leases 

Use arrow buttons to navigate to lines with entries you want to get rid of and press 'dd' (d letter twice) to remove the line.

Once done enter :wq and press Enter.

Lease should be removed immediately.

Best regards,

by anonymous
I have tried this to release an IP from a DHCP device, and even though I have the correct MAC address, the DHCP server refuses to give it the correct address, instead it keeps issuing the wrong one.  The only solution I have found is to restart the entire modem, which isn't the best option.  I second the suggestion to have a GUI X to remove the binding for DHCP leases.  For me this was the RUTX11 with the latest firmware as of the date of this posting.