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by anonymous
I want to connect the camera to the Teltonika rut 955 router and access camera though the internet but even after doing all the settings it is not happening. I have given the screenshot of my firewall setting, IP camera setting, WAN static IP setting also attached the screenshot above.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

It seems like the port forwarding rules as misconfigured. Currently, the rules are configured to forward traffic from WAN to WAN, but they should forward from WAN to LAN (since the cameras are connected to the LAN network, according to the IP settings). Could you please try editing your port forwarding rules and changing the 'Internal zone' from WAN to LAN?

Kind Regards,

by anonymous

thank you Andzej for your reply, I have configured it to forward traffic from WAN to LAN as per your suggestion but it isn't working have any other solution for the same

by anonymous


Could you create a port-forwarding rule, similar to the previous ones, but specify the external port as 4433 and the internal port as 443.

Then, try to connect to your camera using the router's public IP and port 4433 in the browser:

  • <public_IP>:4433


Also, after that, could you do a TCP dump to check if you are receiving traffic on ports 8888, 554,4433?

You can download TCPdump from CLI/SSH via following commands:

  • opkg update
  • opkg install tcpdump

Check for packets on port 8888:

  • tcpdump port 8888

Are you getting any packets?

If this does not work, please download a troubleshoot file from System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot and attach it to your question. You can do so by editing your question.

Kind Regards,