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by anonymous
Rut950 R00.07.02.7

The configuration website does not open.

After logging in the page is shadowed and does not open the configuration. We are using transparent Internet Access without a firewall in between, Firefox 102.7.0esr (64-bit) on Linux. The router is connected to the Internet with 100 MBit/s. Our site is on 200 MBit/s.

I like this router though the new firmware v7 struggles a lot. v6 had been much better.

1 Answer

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by anonymous



Can you post a screenshot of how the WebUI looks when this happens?

A few solutions could be:

  • Clear the cache of the browser;
  • Try a different browser. Google Chrome was tested on the most, however, no issues with Firefox were reported either;
  • Try factory resetting the router. Migration from the old versions of RutOS could cause some issues;
  • Try updating the browser. While your version is most definitely not old, it is on the long-term support release. Updating to 109.0.1 may help with the issue.
Let me know if any if the steps help.


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