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by anonymous
Hi all,

I’m very happy with my RUT955, but now I have a issue part of the RMS service, something I have seen here already raised by others, but still unfixed.

If I try to connect via RMS -> telnet to a remote device in my network, once the telnet session is opened, I’m asked to insert a login ID.

Unfortunately, the remote device I’m trying to reach only needs a password to grant access (no ID is required), so I cannot access. If I leave the login ID field empty (pressing enter) and insert the password when asked, connection is refused.

Is it possible to fix this? I have seen other users asking for this, so I hope this issue will be addressed soon. Giving such a better flexibility to the telnet capabilities part of RMS would increase the value of the RMS service itself.

Thanks a lot


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by anonymous


Are you using the latest firmware version?

Is the firewall configured to accept telnet connections? The connection refused might also indicate a firewall issue. I was able to connect to Telnet server with an empty username.

Could you try to SSH into your RUT/TRB device, then, from the command line within RUT/TRB telnet to your device that you are trying to reach.

If you are having problems connecting to your device via RMS connect using Telnet, you can try using RMS VPN Hubs (video here). You can establish a VPN connection with your router and add routes to reach your LAN device remotely. Then, you can enable VPN on your PC and reach your machine via PuTTy using Telnet, for example. This way, there should be no issues.

Also, you can also try RMS VPN Quick connect. Video is available here.

Kind Regards,


Best answer
by anonymous
Dear Andzej,

I was able to connect to my device via telnet via SSH, as you kindly described, thanks a lot!

Wish you a great day