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by anonymous
Hi we are having issues with the mobile connection on our RUT950 in the USA. we have tried 2 different RUT950 units, 3 different local sims and a global sim. the issue still persists of making connection to operator for a few seconds then losing connection and searching for extended period. i have attached trouble shooting file. we do not have this issue in europe or with other routers. thanks.

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by anonymous



From the attached troubleshoot, I can see that this device is using a European module, meaning it cannot be used in the US, as all of the US carriers require the devices to be certified on their networks. Order code RUT950 0***** does not have these certifications, thus even if they connect to the US operators, they will get blocked sooner or later.

As for the global SIM, while it will not get blocked, the lack of US band support will render the device unusable in the US market. 

The correct order code for the US market would be RUT950 W*****, which has band support and certifications for all US carriers.


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