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by anonymous

Two RUTX50 are located at different sites and traffic is tunneled between them via VPN over 5g. At each site there are network devices that communicates with each other via the VPN tunnel, and those devices need to be kept in sync with IEEE-1588v2 PTP. 

 The RUTX50 has built-in GNSS. Would the hardware in the unit allow to let the RUTX50 act as a PTPv2 Grandmaster clock at each site and use the built-in GNSS as timing reference?…to keep the two sites PTPv2 synchronised?

Since the 5g networks themselves rely on PTP for timing, and provide for rather low PDV, the above use case is not unique. Many industry applications relies on nanosecond timing accuracy. Examples of industries that rely on PTP timing (in no particular order):

  • Automotive industry
  • Banking, stock markets & trading industry 
  • Broadcasting & Media Industry 
  • Power Industry 
  • Mining industry
  • Anyone working in the above industries that for various reasons wants or needs to work remotely or from home.

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by anonymous

Thank you for your input and interest in Teltonika products.

The development of new features and improvements in Teltonika devices is driven by feedback from clients and market demand.

The suggestion of PTP will be considered to implement, however, if this feature is mandatory for you, I would suggest to contact your local Teltonika sales representative about custom development possibilities.

Best regards,