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by anonymous
Im looking into using a RUT device for rs485 modbus for a generator. Is there a device to do this? Also do the RUT devices have a GUI in order to see the commands for modbus? i have the registers for my generator.

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by anonymous


Thank you for contacting Teltonika Networks Crowd support community.

Teltonika Networks has several devices that support the Modbus protocol and our devices have a user friendly WebUI for configuration.

We have devices that support Modbus on RS232, RS485 and Modbus TCP/IP.

If you are looking a device that supports rs485 we have TRB145 please check this link for more details

We have TRB245 which has both RS233 and RS485 please check here

We also have RUT955 with RS232, RS485 and 3XLAN and 1Xwan Ports check the following for more features

Here is an explanation on how Modbus is implemented on RUT955

Please check the links shared if you will need any clarification, please feel free to let me know.

Kind regards,