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by anonymous

i can access to internet but i can't open the site

it says, "This site can't be reached, took too long to respond"
Though I can still surf the internet, my internet network is exposed to the public because I can't change the password through entering that site.

2 Answers

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by anonymous


Thank you for contacting Teltonika Network crowd support.,

If you are having trouble connecting to the router's web interface through the default IP address, please Ensure that your computer or device is properly connected to the router via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. You can try resetting your device's network settings and the router itself to see if this resolves the issue.

Double-check that you are using the correct IP address for the router. The default IP address for the RUT955 is, but this can be changed by the user. If you're not sure use ipconfig to check your computer network settings.

Clear cache and cookies, to eliminate any stored information that may be interfering with the connection to the router's web interface.

Factory reset: If all else fails, you can perform a factory reset on the router. This will erase all settings and configurations, restoring the router to its default state.

Kind regards,


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by anonymous

check out do you have basic connectivity from your PC to Teltonika's default LAN Gateway: (if subnet still applies in your network).
1) First, verify do you see RUT950 in your device ARP table, for Windows you can use CMD and command: arp -a this diplays active bindings. Check out and see do you have entry and MAC Address for
2) Second, run ping ICMP Echo packet, for Windows with using CMD to default-gateway: ping
This is the most basic way to check layer 3 connectivity. If Gateway responds, connectivity is OK.

Next, moving on, you might have either blocked something in your PC or at RUT950 changed from default settings.

Check out your local-PC Firewall rules is it blocking traffic to aggresive or temporary disable it at all (if possible).
Check out your access by using different WebBrowsers to Teltonika's WebPage: Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge etc. or use Privacy Mode.
Sometimes even built-in settings of WebBrowsers in most up-to-date version also can block SSL certificate or use outdated cached data, so as mentioned before, clear cache and cookies, so it's good to have clean and fresh settings.

Also, make sure and investigate if Teltonika RUT950 settings didn't change from default port HTTPS 443 to something else (like, due to security reasons etc.). Have a good day, good luck and write your findings.

Kind Regards,