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by anonymous

I'm trying to find the best solution for remote access to CCTV and to provide multiple analogue inputs and outputs to monitor and control various systems within mobile applications.

Can someone head me in the right direction with scalable solutions that can be modified and upgraded?

Any solutions for the following?

Mobile router, provide CCTV monitoring, WiWi, Hotspot, GPS location tracking, multiple inputs and outputs with ability to add more,


1 Answer

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by anonymous


The only device matching most of your requirements would be RUT955. For its technical description, please refer here.

You could connect cameras to its RJ-45 ethernet ports, or add a switch. For remote remote access/monitoring, several options are available:

  • Port forwarding (if public IP is available);
  • VPN (device supports a range of VPN protocols, full list with descriptions can be found here);
  • Teltonika's cloud platform Remote Management System, which itself offers multiple connectivity solutions.

Device has 80211 b/g/n standards support.

It has a dedicated Hotspot package (description), however, multiple isolated wireless networks can be configured (instructions).

You can read more on device's GPS capabilities here.

Device comes with several types of inputs/outputs and quite a few options for their flexible control. For more details check this link.

As for ability to add more inputs, you would need to look for some MODBUS board, as this protocol is supported by the router and would be used for control, with RS232 interface to connect it to the device.

Best regards,