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by anonymous
We are trying to configure some TRB225's to collect data from modbus and send to server via MQTT.  The devices will be sent out over europe.  What would we set the timezone to be?  Under testing in the UK our simcard connects fine under London time zone.  As soon as we change it to a different time zone the sim does not want to connect.  These are m2m roaming sim cards so are capable of this and we have other products that run fine on these sim cards.  


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by anonymous


I am not familiar with specific requirements for time zones for m2m SIM cards, and would advise to consult your provider.

My assumption is that the time zone must match the network's it is connecting to. 

I would like you to check, if you you are able to automate time zone setting and if the device is able to connect. First, login to router's WebUI, navigate to Services -> NTP -> NTP. Under Time Synchronization section enable Timezone synchronization option. Next, change device's time zone, and see, if it is able to recover correct information by itself as well as establish data connection.

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