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by anonymous
Hello folks. I'd like to have some kind of visible indication as to which WAN interface is currently in use - maybe green for preferred red for failover or anything similar. What would be the easiest way to achieve tnis? Thanks

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by anonymous


The feature is missing from the WebUI at the moment. From 7.4 firmware release, WebUI Overview window should have indication of currently used Main WAN interface. 

As of now, you can check Network -> Interfaces section, where Main WAN is the highest online interface in the list. 

It can also be derived from the routing table from Status -> Routes -> General routes section as a route with lowest metric.

A couple of CLI/SSH commands:

  •  ubus call interfaces_status | grep Main
  • ip route get

will also provide you main WAN interface name.

Best regards,

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by anonymous
Thanks. Can I reasonably poll the device regularly (say 5 mins?) over SSH? I'm thinking in terms of using a raspberry pi that could run a remote display or operate some indicator LEDs on the GPIO.