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by anonymous

we are testing a RUT950 as an alternative E-Mail to SMS solution. From the previous solutions we know, that the device works as an e-mail server and will convert incoming e-mail to a SMS using the intended recipient (e.g. +49170123456789@sms.domain.tld) to address the SMS to an appropriate number. Subject and body will be the content of the SMS.
After our first steps with RUT950 this seems to work a little bit differently. Is there any chance to use the RUT like we know it from the previous solution or must it be a POP3 server?



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by anonymous


With the help of Email relay package, which allows for the device to act as a SMTP storage daemon, a SMTP forwarding agent, and a POP3 server, it should be possible. For more details related to the configuration, please refer to this page:

When configuring Services -> Mobile utilities -> SMS gateway -> Email to SMS simply refer POP3 server to the IP of your device.

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by anonymous
I have done this BUT it doesn´t work because how the lua script to handle the POP3 server is implemented. This email relay server changes indexes when a mail is deleted and that the Lua script email_to_sms can´t handle. I have made a fix localy to handle this but where should I send in a bug report or a patch to fix this upstream?
by anonymous
I haven't heard back on this. Where can I file a bug report instead?