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by anonymous

Hi Support, 

I have a TRB500 device loaded with the modem firmware RG501QEUAAR12A05M4G_OCPU_BETA_20211020D. 

It seems my device is loaded with very old modem firmware (dated might be 2021-10-20). How can get it loaded with latest modem firmware? I do not see any option to get the firmware from your server via UI.




3 Answers

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by anonymous
From my RUT240s I know that the option to search for
an updated modem firmware is only available with the
latest router firmware.

Not really sure if that applies to your device too.


by anonymous
My TRB500 device is loaded with latest router firmware TRB5_R_00.07.03.4 (dated 2023-Feb-09). Only issue is, there is no link to get any modem firmware release.
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by anonymous
Just upgraded on of my RU240s to 07.03.4 and on the

System->Firmware->Update Firmware

page it tells me

Firmware version    Newest version installed on the device
Internal modem    Update available

I then go to the drop-down-menu and select "Server" and
then I get a second drop-down-menu which offers me

Device Firmware
Modem Firmware

Again, hth you with your device,

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by anonymous

Modem update is currently not possible for 5G modems.

It should become available from 7.4 firmware release.

Are you experiencing any mobile connectivity related issues?

Best regards,
by anonymous
Can I get the latest modem firmware for a manual update? Also, let me know how to update modem firmware manually (looks like there is an option on UI, not sure).

by anonymous

Are you experiencing any issues in terms of mobile connectivity with the current modem firmware?

Could you provide a troubleshoot file to investigate your situation?

TRB firmware update is not a straightforward procedure, and there is a risk, that that the device may not work afterwards.

Best regards,
by anonymous
I am with Cosmote in Greece.

The TRB500 connects to a base station that has 5G cells but the TRB500 only connects with 4G. Other devices connect to the same base station with 5G.

Network type is set to 4G+5G.

Firmware: TRB5_R_00.07.04.3

Modem Firmware: RG501QEUAAR12A05M4G_OCPU_BETA_20211020D_04.001.00.000

Are we still waiting for RutOS 7.4 (which seems a long way from 7.04) before the modem firmware can be updated?