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I am having a RUTX50 backed by a BAT120. I was hoping, that when power fails, I can use the BAT120 to gracefully shutdown the RUTX50, so that also the batteries are not drained more then necessary. But there does not seem to be a way to cut off the RUTX50 from power by command. "shutoff" and "halt" lead to a reboot and then normal operation again draining the batteries of the BAT120 again.

What is the concept of this setup, if this is not possible? Do I really need an external relay to solve this?

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by anonymous



As the BAT120 was designed to act as a UPS, it is okay to drain the battery, as there are protections in place to avoid damaging the batteries themselves.

As for gracefully shutting down the RUTX50, as it is running RutOS, which is a Linux-based operating system, it does not require a graceful shutdown. It is not possible to shut down the device using shell commands.

BAT120 is useful in this case to act as a buffer, and power the RUTX50 even when there is a power outage. It can also be used to send alerts to you when the power is out. Configuration examples for such a use case can be found here.


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