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I have a s7-1200 PLC( connected to RUT241 router's LAN port( In router's Webui, I can not see s7-1200 but can see my pc. PLC's webserver feature is open and i am able to see PLC's webui when i try to connect PLC via web browser(in pc connected to rut241).

I created VPN Hub just described in RMS VPN Hub video. At 1:38 auto scan does not find s7-1200 again. So i add it manually. Tried to connect PLC's webui from another pc via OpenVPN Connect. And failed. 

PLC setings IP  PLC( Router

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by anonymous


Could you please check the following:

  • LAN forwarding is enabled in RMS VPN -> VPN HUB -> Routes -> Clients window.
  • Default gateway is configured on PLC and points to (Routers IP).
  • Try adding routes manually in VPN Hub. Set Netmask of when configuring routes to specific IP. Choose your router as a client.
  • Try adding the whole network in routes, like
  • Check the RMS VPN firewall zone settings in Network -> Firewall -> General settings (in router WebUI). These should all be set to 'Accept'.
  • Delete the VPN Hub and re-create a new one.


  • Are you able to reach your router through RMS VPN Hub?
  • Do you have RMS data available?
  • Are you using the latest firmware version?

Kind Regards,