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by anonymous

I planned to use the RUTX50 to stream some camera feeds. Unfortunately, the speed is limited to ~20MBit/s for one stream, while a speedtest shows ~120 Mbit/s for the Upload.

I also tested with iperf3: 20-25 MBit/s for a LAN-Client (doesn't matter if Windows or Ubuntu). Interestingly, an iperf3 test directly on the RUTX50 via ssh results in 100-120 Mbit/s! So, what is limiting the speed for the LAN Clients???

I also testes Bridge Mode to disable the Firewall. Same Speeds over LAN.

I'm pretty disappointed with the current throughput results of the RUTX50 at the moment.

Best regards, Julius

Update: When connected over Wifi I'm getting the full speed: ~100-120 MBit/s. So maybe there is a driver issue with the LAN Interface?
by anonymous

Same Problem/Bug on TRB500, WLAN is faster then LAN.

TRB500 is in Bridge-Mode, LAN-Port on TRB500 connected with WAN-Port of a RUTX12.
Max Speed on RUTX12 over WLAN: 250Mb/s
Max Speed on RUTX12 over LAN: 180Mb/s

Best regards
by anonymous
Hi Julius5G,

I buy a TRB500 (same modem as RUTX50) and from beginn it has the same errors as your RUTX50. Since FW7.4 the problems have accumulated. I've been wasting time with this ulcer for 5 months. So I decide to buy a new Gateway/Router from an other Manufacturer. Now all the Problems are gone.

So I assume, the TRB500/RUTX50 is still in ALPHA-testing! Perhaps BETA-testing is coming next year!?


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by anonymous


Have you tried a different cable?

Do all LAN ports of RUTX50 result in the same speed?

I would like you to check, if the following results in some improvement. Login to router's WebUI, navigate to Network -> Firewall -> General settings and enable Software flow offloading.

Also, could you login to your router via SSH and execute the following commands:

  • swconfig dev switch0 show
  • ethtool eth0
Then paste their output in a some text file and attach it by editing your question.
In addition, could you provide some screenshots of speed tests?
Lastly, I would like you to attach a troubleshoot file to your question. Please, replicate the issue, then access router's WebUI, go to System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot section and download troubleshoot file from there. The logs in the file might provide more insight into the issue.

Best regards,

by anonymous

I have uploaded the files you requested. Hardware flow offloading has improved the speed by about 10 Mbps. The wifi speed is still significantly faster. All LAN ports are affected and I have used different cables and computers.

The router has the latest firmware and has been reset to default settings. Both of my RUTX50s have exactly the same problem.

Best regards

by anonymous

I have spent some time testing, but was not able to replicate your issue. 

Could you login to your other RUTX50 and share the output of the command below:

  • mnf_info -Hb

Best regards,

by anonymous
I consistently get faster speeds over Wi-Fi than over LAN. Today it is 115 MBit/s on the RUTX50 itself, 105 MBit/s Wifi and 66 MBit/s LAN. The problem mainly occurs with single connections - most speedteste are using multiple connections.

The output of the command is:

Best regards
by anonymous


thank you Andronym for the further feedback. This confirms that there is a problem with the routers.

@ZygimantasBliu, is there anything else new from their side? So I can't use the router for its intended purpose.

With kind regards


by anonymous
I had very similar problem from the first day I received rutx50. Wifi (2.4 - 5ghz) down/up speeds been OK but all LAN ports dramatically slow.

My issue was incorrect LAN settings of the additional Billion 7800dxl router connected to the home network which I wanted to use as an access point.

Problem was 7800dxl Lan dhcp server IP range ( -  interfered rutx50 as it had exactly the same Dhcp IP range.

I narrowed rutx50 from to and 7800dxl changed to -

Those changes made an immediate affect