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I planned to use the RUTX50 to stream some camera feeds. Unfortunately, the speed is limited to ~20MBit/s for one stream, while a speedtest shows ~120 Mbit/s for the Upload.

I also tested with iperf3: 20-25 MBit/s for a LAN-Client (doesn't matter if Windows or Ubuntu). Interestingly, an iperf3 test directly on the RUTX50 via ssh results in 100-120 Mbit/s! So, what is limiting the speed for the LAN Clients???

I also testes Bridge Mode to disable the Firewall. Same Speeds over LAN.

I'm pretty disappointed with the current throughput results of the RUTX50 at the moment.

Best regards, Julius

Update: When connected over Wifi I'm getting the full speed: ~100-120 MBit/s. So maybe there is a driver issue with the LAN Interface?

Same Problem/Bug on TRB500, WLAN is faster then LAN.

TRB500 is in Bridge-Mode, LAN-Port on TRB500 connected with WAN-Port of a RUTX12.
Max Speed on RUTX12 over WLAN: 250Mb/s
Max Speed on RUTX12 over LAN: 180Mb/s

Best regards
Hi Julius5G,

I buy a TRB500 (same modem as RUTX50) and from beginn it has the same errors as your RUTX50. Since FW7.4 the problems have accumulated. I've been wasting time with this ulcer for 5 months. So I decide to buy a new Gateway/Router from an other Manufacturer. Now all the Problems are gone.

So I assume, the TRB500/RUTX50 is still in ALPHA-testing! Perhaps BETA-testing is coming next year!?


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Have you tried a different cable?

Do all LAN ports of RUTX50 result in the same speed?

I would like you to check, if the following results in some improvement. Login to router's WebUI, navigate to Network -> Firewall -> General settings and enable Software flow offloading.

Also, could you login to your router via SSH and execute the following commands:

  • swconfig dev switch0 show
  • ethtool eth0
Then paste their output in a some text file and attach it by editing your question.
In addition, could you provide some screenshots of speed tests?
Lastly, I would like you to attach a troubleshoot file to your question. Please, replicate the issue, then access router's WebUI, go to System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot section and download troubleshoot file from there. The logs in the file might provide more insight into the issue.

Best regards,


I have uploaded the files you requested. Hardware flow offloading has improved the speed by about 10 Mbps. The wifi speed is still significantly faster. All LAN ports are affected and I have used different cables and computers.

The router has the latest firmware and has been reset to default settings. Both of my RUTX50s have exactly the same problem.

Best regards


I have spent some time testing, but was not able to replicate your issue. 

Could you login to your other RUTX50 and share the output of the command below:

  • mnf_info -Hb

Best regards,

I consistently get faster speeds over Wi-Fi than over LAN. Today it is 115 MBit/s on the RUTX50 itself, 105 MBit/s Wifi and 66 MBit/s LAN. The problem mainly occurs with single connections - most speedteste are using multiple connections.

The output of the command is:

Best regards


thank you Andronym for the further feedback. This confirms that there is a problem with the routers.

@ZygimantasBliu, is there anything else new from their side? So I can't use the router for its intended purpose.

With kind regards


I had very similar problem from the first day I received rutx50. Wifi (2.4 - 5ghz) down/up speeds been OK but all LAN ports dramatically slow.

My issue was incorrect LAN settings of the additional Billion 7800dxl router connected to the home network which I wanted to use as an access point.

Problem was 7800dxl Lan dhcp server IP range ( -  interfered rutx50 as it had exactly the same Dhcp IP range.

I narrowed rutx50 from to and 7800dxl changed to -

Those changes made an immediate affect