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by anonymous
I am trying to establish when and how two devices that we manage on behalf of the same end user have been removed from our RMS account. The end user has full access to the device but my understanding is that they could turn RMS off from the local admin interface, but shouldn't be able to remove the device from management. I think it's likely that one of our team has removed them for some reason but I am having difficulties knowing for sure.

If I supply you with the serial numbers of the two RUTX12 devices would somebody be able to let me know what has happened with their RMS registration?


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by anonymous

Please send serial numbers of the two RUTX12 devices and provide a more detailed description of your case in a private message.

Best regards,
by anonymous
I'll PM you in a second. I'm fairly sure the end user has used the "unregister" feature in the admin interface on the router to remove these devices.