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by anonymous

Dear sirs

In the TCR 100 router up to how many users can operate  simultaneously to the WIFI network, in 2.4 GHz and 5 Ghz ?

Can the WIFI network users have access to any server, let's say an entertainment server that is connected to the LAN port of the router?


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by anonymous


If by users you mean associations to the access point, then the number of connected clients can go up to a 100 and, possibly, above. 

However, if you need each connected device to use some online/local services, download files or perform other data consuming activities, that number is likely to drop significantly, as the number of quality connections and possibility to maintain them established depends on the bandwidth you have available and bandwidth required by a single client. With radio waves, connection is influenced by distance, interfering neighboring access points, layout, obstacles in the operating environment.  

Can the WIFI network users have access to any server, let's say an entertainment server that is connected to the LAN port of the router?

If you have not separated your wireless network in a different subnet or made exclusions with firewall rules, WiFi clients should have no issues to connect to your entertainment server.

Best regards,

by anonymous

I understood

What authentication mode can be configured in the router so that clients can connect to the WIFI network only with the administrator's authorization? Something like this or an equivalent to a voucher that the administrator generates and the clients cannot clone it, and only use it once.

by anonymous

Teltonika has Hotspot package, which generates one time SMS passwords, for logging users, however, it requires mobile connectivity with SMS from the router.

For more details on hotspot, refer here.

Otherwise, unless you have a RADIUS server to authenticate users, no options suitable for your requirement are available.

Best regards,

by anonymous


I currently have a RUT955 and I need to implement a local wireless network for users in public places such as restaurants, airports or buses to access a local movie server connected on one of the LAN ports of the WIFI router.

 I've done some tests with my RUT955 and also a Linksys (EA4500) and a Huawei routers

 Although the 2.4 GHz band is very congested, since the RUT955 only operates in this segment and there are still mobile phones that are not compatible with the 5 GHz frequencies, the tests were done in 2.4 GHz.

All mobile devices and laptops had no problem connecting to the server on the routers Linksys and a Huawei whether they have internet or not, however, in Teltonika router the mobiles phones could only connect through the hotspot (with internet) and the laptops through the Teltonika SSID network.

With some frequency devices on the RUT955 network disconnect from the router, I think because of band congestion,  but I don't understand why it doesn't happen with the other routers as well.

As an administrator of the systems, I will need to access the equipment remotely over the internet but I don't want the users to do it, just to connect to the movie server.

Is it possible to configure the Teltonika RUT955 for this?

I would like to use a router that works in both bands, like the RUTx10 or the TRC100, but I am concerned that these other models also have these disconnections.

best regards

by anonymous

For your solution I would suggest to create a separate wireless network, as shown in these instructions. The interface has slightly changed, particularly when configuring new interface settings and attaching a network. To create a new guest network, in a new wireless interface, next to option Network, from the dropdown list you would need to select --Custom-- option, type the name you want for the interface and press Enter. In wireless interface settings Advanced settings tab, enable Isolate Clients option.

Following further instructions, you will create a new subnet, enable DHCP, add your network to a separate firewall zone and create a rule, preventing connected users from device access.

For the movie server, connected to ethernet port, you will need to create a VLAN and bridge it to the guest wireless interface. To create a VLAN, in router's WebUI, navigate to Network -> VLAN -> Port based, select your preferred port and set it to off. Then add a VLAN and set your port to Untagged for that VLAN. Next, go to Network -> Interfaces -> General, edit your guest interface settings, switch to Physical settings tab, enable Bridge interfaces option and add VLAN interface next to Interfaces option. 

In regards to the disconnects of mobile devices, a troubleshoot file would be needed to take a look at the device logs to find possible causes. Please, replicate the issue, then access router's WebUI, go to System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot section and download troubleshoot file from there. Send it in a private message.

Best regards,

by anonymous

Thank you for your help.

I was at a loss as to what other option to follow.

I am out of town, when I return   I will do the tests following your suggestions and I will send you the results and the troubleshoot file

Best regards