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Base configuration to bulk config Ruts.

We probably have 40 changes we manually make to a Rut only a couple of these changes are variable - IP subnets and VPN settings.

Is there an easy way to flash our basic settings? 

Typical basic settings:

  • SMS rules and groups
  • NTP
  • DNS
  • Remote access

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Hello, Rob,

One way would be to configure one router with those basic settings, then make a backup, load it on another router and then make other changes that you do manually. For the backup to work, routers have to be on the same firmware version.

The other way would be to access your router's directories with programs like WinSCP and copy files from /etc/config/

If you want to  have settings preloaded to your routers or for them to save even after a factory reset, you would have to contact your sales representative.

so /etc/config/ looks like the best option, I guess  this could work cross firmware?
Hi, Rob,

To an extent. Later versions have different structures for some of the config files, but technically there shouldn't be too many problems. If you have some routers nearby, that you could reach physically, I would highly advise you to test this out first between different firmwares.

If your routers are with similar product codes, backup would be a safer option.

is the password is also stored in /etc/config?

Yes it is, but it is encrypted.

in which file I can find it?