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by anonymous

In the latest firmware of RUT955 (RUT9_R_00.07.03.4), I think that there is a bug on Web GUI.

On "SMS forwarding to HTTP" configuration, whatever special and valid character you type in URL field, you get an error.

Some examples, that are valid, but not accepted: (the second slash is not accepted) (the dot is not accepted)

Although, if I edit using ssh and vim the file /etc/config/sms_gateway, I can add those valid (but not accepted) urls, and I can see them on the Web GUI.

Another problem, is that whenever the RUT955 tries to do an HTTP Get request (after receiving an SMS), then it adds an extra ampersand right after the question mark.

For example, if the URL is configured to be, then the curl command is trying to access the url (verified by logread -f)

I hope you can see the extra unneeded ampersand. This ampersand (right after the question mark), gives an error on some old and basic web servers.

Is there anything I can do (using ssh maybe), to fix that error?


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by anonymous



Thank you for reporting the issues!

I submitted a ticket to our RnD team and will be awaiting the fix for the issues!

  • As for the validation of, it seems to pass when a port number is specified, so can be used for now. Hostname should also work.
  • Regarding, I was not able to reproduce an issue. It passes the validation and gets saved correctly;
  • As for the unnecessary use of ampersand, I've reported this as well, but I'm not sure if it's supposed to be there or not, so it will be up to the developers to determine how to proceed with this.


Best regards,
Best answer
by anonymous

Just an update, both issues were verified and fixed.

However, they'll be released with v7.5 of RutOS, so it will take some time for the fixes to become available.

Best regards,