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by anonymous
Hi guys, i have a need to configure a RUT(955) lan interface ( port1 preferably ) as a dhcp client, i.e. so it can be plugged into a pre-existing lan and get it's ip from that networks DHCP server.

I am failign to get it to work however. Can anyone out there walk me through it.?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

For this one can you clarify if you just want to give a LAN IP from your DHCP Server to the RUT955 on another port, or do you want to extend the network?

If possible, kindly provide me with a topology of the scenario you wanted to achieve.

Best regards,

by anonymous

Just to follow up,

Here's a possible solution for you. Kindly provide feedback if this is the kind of solution you're looking for. Since I still need some clarifications based on your question to have a bigger picture of what you're trying to achieve.

For this one, you need to configure the LAN interface as WAN. Here's a brief step for you to follow:

  1. In the WebUI of your router, Navigate to Network → VLAN → Port Based.
  2. Create a new VLAN. In your case, turn off the LAN port 1 for the VLAN 1 (default) and make it untagged for the new VLAN you just created.
  3. Save & Apply
  4. Navigate to the Network → Interfaces, scroll down, set an interface name on the "Add New Instance" field then press Add.
  5. A window will pop up, select the DHCP protocol in the Protocol field.
  6. Navigate to the Physical Settings on the same window, then select the interface you just created earlier. (e.g. VLAN3 - eth0.3).
  7. Save & Apply

Here's a link as well for your reference LAN as WAN

Best regards,