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by anonymous
Hello, stopped loading.

There is a suspicion that this began to happen after a power failure.

The power supply unit has been checked for operability, it gives the correct parameters.

The router itself signals with all LEDs turned on.

Attempting to reboot, pressing the reset button does not change, the light continues to burn.

Turning it off and on several times didn't help either.

1 Answer

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by anonymous
perhaps your RUT unit is now broken due to overheating or damaged at all (burned out) and need to be repaired, because it's physically broken (hard to tell). Check out this post, here:
not sure if this is the same issue you are experiencing now.

If by any chance you can still option to access RUT240 via WebUI or CLI, I guess RutOS firmware could be crushed and need to be reflashed once again. Check out this topic:
Firmware can be downloaded from:

I found also the other topic concerning RUT950 but I guess this is also informative for you to read:

I hope I helped you a little bit or gave some clues, this is all I can do on my level.

Kind Regards,