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by anonymous

kindly inform me how to obtain an SNMP query/response "get" and "set" value for the inputs/output status to be represented as integer (0/1)

The device is the RUT955, frimware V6.09.

Thanks for your reply.

Best regards,

by anonymous
Hello again,

I have updated the firmware to the current version and the oid's have changed. I then also downloaded the new mib file, so that seems fine.

The main question is now, how can I write to an oid (set) because it seems to be read-only?

Your help will be highly appreciated.

Kind regards,


1 Answer

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by anonymous

Hello MikeB,

Unfortunately, SNMP functionality on Teltonika devices allows to 'Get' parameters, but not 'Set' them. Please, take a look here.

Kind Regards,


by anonymous
Hello Andzej,

thanks for your response, however, I really can't understand why this highly impotant function has not been implemented - we really need to control the outputs via SNMP.

I simply doesn't make sense to have this feature working with other protocolls bus not with SNMP - after all, most devices in Data Centers use SNMP for monitoring, yes and in some cases, also for control. So it is not at all something that can't be done, its simply something that hasn't been done (or done yet).

Kindly inform me if your RnD is working on this so that we know what choice to make as far as Teltonika routers is concerned for the future.

Thank you and we look forward to your reply and we hope that this issue will be resolved soon because we actually do favour Teltonika.

Best Regards,

by anonymous

Hi MikeB,

Unfortunately, there are no plans to implement this any time soon. In most cases, the SNMP is used for simple monitoring. Please, take a look at other management options that you can find here. There are many other options that can be used to manage the device. In case you absolutely need this functionality, I recommend you contact your sales manager regarding the feasibility of this functionality.

Kind Regards,