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by anonymous
I don't know if rut955 was auto upgraded.

I am able to login only through ssh, and I am really sure of login and password

I don't want to reset it because I have a lot of settings and i/o action.

Sms works good and the router reply to me when I send sms with password authorization.

How can I restore the web interface login?

I have try login to cli to user admin but it also does not work

root@Teltonika-RUT955:~# login admin


login: can't change directory to '/user'

3 Answers

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by anonymous
this is the firmware

root@Teltonika-RUT955:/log# grep version /etc/config/system

        option device_fw_version 'RUT9_R_00.07.02.7'
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by anonymous
From web I receive this message : "Invalid username e/o password"


Sun Mar  5 09:03:57 2023 kern.notice Authentication was not successful from HTTP
Sun Mar  5 09:03:57 2023 daemon.err uhttpd[2852]: vuci: failed login for admin from
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by anonymous
I was able to login by making these step:

1) Create directory /user
2) change admin password from cli
3) restart rpcd (/etc/init.d/rpcd restart)
4) restart uhttpd (/etc/init.d/uhttpd restart)
5) remove ip_blockd package (opkg remove ip_blockd)

I have removed ip_blockd because I see this in the log (with CLI command logread)

kern.notice Failed to load 'ip_blockd' package

Sun Mar  5 09:24:54 2023 user.err : sqlite3 query error: near "ip_blockd": syntax error
Sun Mar  5 09:24:54 2023 user.err : Failed to execute query: INSERT INTO CONNECTIONS ('TIME', 'NAME', 'TYPE', 'TEXT') VALUES('1678004694', 'IP Block', 'notice', 'Failed to load 'ip_blockd' package');
Sun Mar  5 09:24:54 2023 user.err : Failed to insert: "INSERT INTO CONNECTIONS ('TIME', 'NAME', 'TYPE', 'TEXT') VALUES('1678004694', 'IP Block', 'notice', 'Failed to load 'ip_blockd' package');" into DB