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by anonymous
Hi, I'm considering using a Teltonika device to provide redundant internet, failing over between a starlink unit and 4G.

This means that the Teltonika unit will have 2 WANs (WLAN and 4G), and on the LAN side it will provide it's own WLAN network to clients.

Is this possible? Which of the Teltonika devices would I need to purchase in order to achieve this?

any info appreciated

- Trond

1 Answer

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by anonymous
yes, it's capable. All Teltonika's RUT have built-in option with fail-over feature in RutOS, so it's available in whatever version of device you choose.
However, I'm not so sure about Starlink unit, how do you connect to it? In most devices you have only 1-WAN 100Mb/s Ethernet port and 4G LTE modem as alternative Cellular interface. So no other option to have WLAN as other WAN to be connected to it.

Generally speaking, you should take into account other factors, like: your individual needs, how much performance device should be capable to handle (quantity of RAM/CPU, type of LTE modem/supported WiFi version & performance, available ports etc.) and budget spend on buying device.

Take a look at Teltonika's webpage and some comparisons.

Kind Regards,
by anonymous
Also, you can check out this video showing how to setup WLAN as WAN connection: