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by anonymous
I'm trying to setup a Teltonika RUT950 in Papua New Guinea.

When I scan for operators it lists only one operator (Digicel) but under network access type it says 4G. When trying to connect to that operator I get the message "Can't register to selected operator".

I'm in an area where there is only 3G available, therefore is makes sense that it doesn't work. Therefore I selected 3G only under service mode and I also selected the bands manually (GSM900, WCDMA900). However, in the operator list Digicel appears as only offering 4G.

Any ideas how to get it to work?

1 Answer

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by anonymous


It is possible for you to test it in another area where 4G is supported? Since you've mentioned that you're in an area where 3G is the available service so therefore, it cannot connect to an operator that only offers 4G service. Kindly search for the supported frequency bands for 3G of Digicel for you to refer to.

In addition, if possible, you can also try different sims that can support 3G in your area.

Note that you may refer as well to our website to see the supported frequency bands of the RUT950 from different regions.

Go to our website: then navigate to the Ordering tab.