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Hello Guys.

Have you know why i can't access to RUT950 only via LAN/Ethernet? Device:

Resetted to factory device

DHCP doesnt work via cable

I can ping RUT@ if i set stattic adress - i think that LAN interface is OK

SSH doesnt works too.

VIA WIFI: DHCP works, i can access http, ssh

Any Idea? Could i try recover firmware using TFTP or any different method?

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For one, could you try performing device recovery, by uploading the firmware via bootloader menu? For instructions, please refer here

Of that does not help, If I understand correctly, the device responds, if you connect to it via ethernet cable and connecting interface has a static IP set? 

Have you tried WebUI/SSH access? Have you tried cable connection with different devices? Do they connect correctly?

I would also want to check if the device logs generate any related entries. Connect the router via ethernet cable to your computer. Connect to it over WiFi as well, to have access to the device. Login to router's WebUI, go to System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot section and download troubleshoot file from there. Attach the downloaded file by editing your question. 

The logs in the file might provide more insight into the issue.

Best regards,


It doesnt work. In bootlader mode i can only ping device. http doesnt appear, but router is in network:

I think that router is damaged.

There is a likelihood of that.

Could you try clearing browser's cache, a different browser or browser's incognito mode?

Also, since you can reach router's WebUI over HTTP, have you tried downloading troubleshoot file?

Best regards,
I was trying to do that from 2 notebooks, chrome, firefox, IE webrowsers, on windows 7 and 10, always in incognito mode.
In this case, simply return the device to your reseller for warranty repair or a replacement.

Best regards,