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by anonymous

are there any ways to do the porting of a RUT240 backup file into the RUT241?

In fact we are evaluating to pass from RUT240 to RUT241, and we would like to mantain our common configuration, so it would be great if it would be possible to restore a RUT240 backup file into RUT241 or have the possibility to convert it.


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by anonymous


I would like to point a couple of things about backup files:

  1. In order for the backup to upload successfully, the backup must be taken from and uploaded to devices with identical hardware and firmware. This rules out the possibility to upload backup from RUT240 to RUT241.
  2. In addition, backup can be uploaded on devices with same or higher firmware versions. Please note that both the devices should be either Legacy or RUTOS.

However, you can try to copy configuration files only from the backup and move them to router using scp/WinSCP, as instructed in this page. The directory with the configuration files is /etc/config, excluding system file. 

Best regards,

by anonymous
I made use of UCI commands to be able to do the same configurations on different devices (in my case RUT240 and RUT241).
it seems to work.