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by anonymous

I'm looking for a way to display the RMS status on an application running on a computer connected locally to a RUT951.  I would also like to ability to force an 'RMS Connect' in order to attempt reconnecting to the RMS cloud.  The main requirement is that this data exchange should be sent via the local network.  It is to integrate this information/action to a local device, to avoid the user having to login to the RUT web interface, login with username/password and navigate to the relevant page.

Looking through the wiki, I can see that there are SMS Utilities which allow commands to be send to achieve this very action, however my application has no access to SMS or the internet.

I've been looking at HTTP Post/Get, MQTT, and Modbus TCP options as it appears that each of these are used and supported to some degree, however I cannot find any command to get the RMS status, or to attempt to connect.  However if there is any other way of locally accessing the data, I am very much open to using another method not listed above.

Would someone be able to direct me to the necessary information to make local access to this data possible please.  

Thank you in advance for any help or advice.

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by anonymous


When RMS is enabled on the device, the device tries to connect to RMS every 2 minutes for the first hour. Then, every 5 minutes. So there is no need to force connection if the device fails to connect.

You can take a look at JSON-RPC (Wiki pages for Windows and Linux are available here and here, respectively). You can use this method to send HTTP POST requests to the router to execute commands and get data.

You can execute the following command to get RMS status: 

  • ubus call rms get_status

You can also configure your device as Modbus TCP master and slave at the same time. This way, the device will send the requests to itself to obtain the information you need. This data can then be sent to your PC via the 'Data to server' functionality. In case Modbus cannot provide all the information you need, you can use Modbus custom register blocks to write to a device and then read this information and send it via Data to Server.

Kind Regards,


by anonymous

Hello Andzej,

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond, I really appreciate it.

In our use case, often our customers may not request support for months or even years at a time.  Therefore it is quite likely that we will not supply a particular RUT951 with an RMS token until the customer requests support, which at that time we would assign a token to that RUT unit.  From my understanding if a RUT951 doesn't have RMS access for 14 days, it will go into standby mode, and it then could take up to 6 hours before an attempted reconnection to RMS.  We would want to be able to connect immediately and therefore providing the customer with a quick and easy means to force a reconnection is important to us.  Is this possible using JSON-RPC or any other method?

JSON-RPC looks very helpful thank you, is there a comprehensive list of commands, I only ask as the rms get_status command does not appear in the two pages you kindly linked, perhaps there is a way for me to request a rmsconnect?

Once again thank you for your response and help.


by anonymous


You can force the device to reconnect via SMS command 'rms_on', or you can restart the rms service via the command '/etc/init.d/rms_mqtt restart'. This can also be done via JSON-RPC.

Adding screenshots for reference.

Get RMS status (in this case, the service is enabled and working):

If the service is disabled, you will get 'command failed' message.

If the service is enabled, but there is no internet connection, you can get, for example, 'failed to resolved hostname':

And so on.

Restart RMS service:

Kind Regards,