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by anonymous


I have a remote setup running for test purposes in my workshop.
After a longer uptime (250hrs)  the RUT955 starts to have issues:
  The modbus connection starts to fail.
   The TCP server for NMEA data starts to fail
   Wifi connection is not possible anymore.
   RMS shows the device as offline.


After a powercycle the device starts working again as normal.
Please find the troubleshooting log in attachment.
Time and date of reboot: 14-3-2023 at aprox. 17:40 local 16:40 utc.

 Please feedback the issue and instruct me the action to take.
Auto reboot is not an preferred option, because the NMEA data and wifi connectivity is critical for the functionality of the system.

Firmware version:   RUT9_R_00.07.02

Internal modem firmware version EG25GGCR07A02M1G

Kernel version                               5.4.147

 Kind regards


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by anonymous



The firmware version in use is quite outdated. Please install RUT9_R_00.07.04 and check if the issue reappears. We also recommend upgrading without keeping the settings, as this is quite a big firmware jump and it could cause some issues with the configuration. If it does re-appear, please generate a new troubleshoot file and attach it to the query.

Also, if the issue reappears, perhaps you could log in to the WebUI, and check the RAM and CPU usage?


Best regards,

by anonymous

Hello DaumantasG,

I followed your advise: the device is running now RUT9_R_00.07.04 and did a factory reset. 
today i found the device hanging again, but don't know how long this was ongoing.

How can i deliver you the troubleshoot file?