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by anonymous
I have 50 RUT241 and 20 RUT240 logged on to RMS and mostly working fine, but I have a small number about 5 both RUT240 and RUT241 that will not connect to RMS.

I can log in to the PCs behind the routers and when I log in to the routers from the PCs and check cloud services the connection state is Failure (Other error).

I did upgrade them to v7.04 following which they connected fine to RMS but they have failed again.

A reboot seems to get them connected but then they fail again.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Do I understand correctly that remote connections to devices behind RUTs are accessible and that RUT240/241s have a reliable data connection?

Also, I would like you to send me the serial numbers of the devices experiencing the issue in a private message.

Best regards,