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by anonymous

We upgraded our Teltonika from 6.8.5 to 7.3.4 and everything was working fine, up until the moment we needed to switch the profile.

As soon as we switched the profile, we could only access the Teltonika from CLI, the web GUI wouldn't accept the username/password and would always show an error. We then tried to switch the profile again, using SMS. We first received a failed message. When we sent the SMS a second time, the Teltonika became unreachable.

A factory reset does not work and the unit has become "bricked".

We created a case for RMA, but we have 50+ RUT955 we want to upgrade to 7.3.4, but can't as long as the issue with profile switching remains. Anyone else experiencing this issue or know a workaround?

I saw 7.4 was released, but no mention of profile fixes.

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by anonymous


The issue is most likely caused by the update, if it was performed with Keep settings option set to on. There is a big difference between 6.8.5 and 7.3.4, and migration between the versions is unlikely to be successful, nor is it recommended.

The workaround is to update without keeping the configuration.

Another thing that you can try, is to update to the latest 6.09.2 legacy version first and then try update with preserving your configuration.

In cases, where the device becomes "bricked", you can try bootloader recovery procedure, described here.

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