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by anonymous
The last month or so I have noticed various failures to connect to RMS service from some of our RUTX09 routers despite them having internet connectivity through 4G. Is there a way to check logs in order to figure out the reason behind this since in most of them I can see Failure (Other error) to the connection state of RMS? URL used for RMS is


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by anonymous


On the 27th of February maintenance was performed on the platform, which did not go well, though, most of the issues have been resolved by now.

Could you check if a simple device reboot solves connection issues? 

Could you ensure, that the devices are using the latest firmware?

If the devices are in remote locations, could you try reinitiating connection to RMS by sending SMS with the following syntax:

  • <router_password> rms_connect

Replace <router_password> with the password used to login to router's WebUI.

Otherwise, I would like you to send the serial numbers from the devices with the issue present. I would ask to look at them.

Best regards,

by anonymous

Thanks for the prompt reply over this. From what I have noticed a restart normally would fix the issue but it reoccurs. Currently I can see two of our routers having the exact same issue with serials as per below:



Further to that all of the routers experiencing this issue are currently updated to 7.03.3 firmware.

by anonymous

Do you have an opportunity to check, if updating to 7.03 resolves the issue?

Also, 1102596639 did not attempt to connect to the system since the beginning of March. Would it be possible to restart this device as well?

Best regards,