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by anonymous
I have deployed my RUTX09 and I am attempting to remotely connect with RMS. Whilst before deployment I could access the device, When I attempt to connect now I cannot. I click generate to create the access string but get a "Failed to Initialise SSH Connection" and no access string. The device shows online and WebUI is reachable.

What do I need to do to get remote access to the device?


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by anonymous


It may be that the problem is related to some specific provider or region.

Could you login to the router via CLI/SSH and check, if you are able to receive connection, after executing the following command:

  • telnet 20022

Could you try to reboot the device, or remove and readd to the platform?

Otherwise, could you provide a serial number of the device?

Also, what firmware version is the device running? If it is not the latest 7.04, could you try an update? 

Best regards,

by anonymous
I had removed and re-add from RMS as I had an expired license.

System was rebooted as well. No-one is there currently so I can't local logon hence needing RMS - until Monday.

Serial number is 1127666449, version is 7.03 but if successful, firmware will be updated soon.
by anonymous
I managed to get on. Upgrade failed.

I remotely rebooted the device after re-adding to RMS. Once rebooted I created a remote session successfully and received the access token on the screen. From this I logged in successfully.