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by anonymous
We need RUT300 WAN configure for vlan ID, can this be done?

port base vlan only displays LAN but no WAN.

We bought 4 x RUT300 but not use if we can't setup VLAN for WAN.

please let me know if it can be done in linux mode?

I had a look at interface config - option device 'eth1'  can I add vlan id as '' ?


1 Answer

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by anonymous


WAN port of RUT300 is not available for port based VLAN configuration due to it being a separate hardware device, while ports 1 - 4 are a part of the same internal switch (Atheros AR8229).

In order to configure VLAN for WAN port, you need to:

  • Login to router's web interface;
  • Go to Network -> VLAN -> Interface based;
  • Add a new instance;
  • Give it a tag, select type 802.1Q;
  • Set Parent interface option to eth1.

Best regards,

by anonymous
Set that up, but not sure RUT300 sending tagged traffic.
by anonymous

Have you assigned the tag to the interface the WAN port is connected to? For example:

Otherwise, would it be possible to get more details related to your network, a topology image?

Best regards,